Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It has

We went for orientation on Monday to figure out what the layout and dates of invitro would look like. Our cordinator flew threw all the meds like a pro. I just felt like my jaw had dropped to the floor! There were SO MANY. I guess I never put much thought into how much more involved it is then IUI (artificial insemination). I honestly didn't mind just walking a long...doh de doh, thinking it would be a breeze. It is not, at all. We already started some of the meds on that day in the office. The different types of meds will continue for the next 45 days ish. I am amazed a slightly in awe of keeping everything straight. I have given myself my shot these last 2 days. This is a HUGE triumph for me. I hate shots and the first and only time I tried it was a mess. My husband eventually had to come up stairs to help only to find my abdomen bleeding from 6 different puncture wounds from me "trying" to insert the needle. Didn't go so well I can say. So this time I figured, own it girl! This is the last of all of this so own as much of the shots as I can for the next month or so. It wasn't so bad, but not to discredit my new found purpose, these are the really tiny needles. The really long thicker ones I will be back to being a wimp I'm sure. Oh well. Man, I AM EXCITED!

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