Friday, April 9, 2010

PCOS strikes again!

All my life I have been fit and fairly active. I haven't had any problems with weight, although if you had asked me if I do have weight problems when I was a teenager I would bet my life that I was over weight! lol But I wasn't, I was thin and just self consious. As an adult in my 20's I have loved my size and even felt comfortable when I gained 20 pounds. I felt I looked a little curvier and even sexier, but now with an additonal 25 pounds on that, not so much anymore! I feel bloated and exhausted and like I can't stop gaining weight! Well, this is because until recently, I wasn't effected by my PCOS in terms of weight, just sugar and infertility. Now....its my weight too. I just want to cry. I had my first period on Feb. 8th since deciding to take a break on getting pregnant. My period never started again so after 3 negative pregos test I called the doc and they prescribed a couple tests. My doc just called a couple days ago and said I had just ovulated 5 - 10 days ago! What! My period was almost 2 months ago! Well, silly me I didn't connect the dots. My sugar levels have been fluctuating every single day for 2 months and my weight has been scalling rapidly around 2 pounds a week and my period didn't start. The normal effects of PCOS..Polycystic Ovaries Syndrom. I just never really cared about regulating my period until the last 2 years as we have been trying to conceive and just thought my weight gain was because of the winter and me being lazy (still need to work out more) but really, 2 pounds a week is a little ridiculous for someone who has a fairly active lifestyle. It just sucks. So now, I feel a little more hopeless about becoming pregnant and keeping the pregnancy. I felt so confident we could before, but I also didn't get this HUGE effect from PCOS before either. ( Big sigh) what do you do. We just bought a treadmill a couple weeks ago. I get on it about every other day for a half hour and that feels good and I am back on Formetin and not metformin (I hated that stuff) and hopefully we will see how this goes. But....looks less and less like we will be parents. My hubby and I have considered adoption. I'm all in, he's on the fence. So until he gets off the fence and jumps in my is what it is. I refuse to convince him to do it, he needs to come to that conclusion on his on. We always agreed we both have to be 100% commited or we are 100% aren't doing it, what ever it would come to be. In this case, baby. By the way, Mother in law is having another crisis. This time it is valid but does it matter anymore? I want her happy but not at our expense anymore.

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  1. Hi,

    I can comment on BOTH the PCOS and the weight loss and they are both hard!

    Adoption--been there done that with hubby on the fence. The worst thing you can do is yank him off. He will come around.

    Pregnancy--MANY women with PCOS suddenly find themselves pregnant either spontaneously or with help once they loose some weight. Not for everyone of course, but many. So don't give up on that dream!

    Good luck to you!