Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am feeling,I odn't know. Just blah tonight. I mean over all pretty decent. I have had an exciting week with work and exercise actually so not so sure why so blah. I played in our first co-ed softball game today of the season. We lost very enthusiasticly 20-5. ouch. I am on 2 teams so an hour after that we had a practice for the other and I am determiend to convince myself I lost at least 2 good pounds from all the sweating and running. Oh, my period started!!!! I was sooo excited to see that. I was beginning to worry about it getting too far off track again which would make it nearly impossible to try to conceive at home at all. Not that I am so sure we can do it without our special doc, however, I want to opportunity to try. Maybe the blah is some poor news for my mom. She is 53 years old and she and my stepdad are trying to adopt. The Haiti earthquake has sent her into a "save the children" mode and she is crusading through every adoption agency possible until she is approved to adopt. She is not looking for a specific "kind of kid". Meaning, she doesn't have to only save international children, or just American kids, she is an equal opportunity adopter! lol However, a child in desperate need of love they found in Honduras was yanked from hospital from his Mom and they don't believe she will be able to nurse him to health. So we are all praying for this child that his Mom can pull through for him or return him if she can't. But, Mom is a great mom. matter the child, younger or older, she will be prefect for him or her and i have no doubt about it. This was a weird tale of information tonight for this must be my blah

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