Monday, July 15, 2013

2 years of hurring up and waiting...

Wow! I can't believe it has been 2 years since my lat post. So much has changed while so much hasn't. Let's do some updating shall we! Invitro Results- The invitro was wonderful! We had 20 embryos come out and grew them a few days and ended up with 10 blastosis (or however you spell it). We put them into 5 tubes with 2 embryos in each. We had some fluid when they removed them so for the next week I was to frink tons of fluids. It was soooo hard. I barley drink a beverage a day let alone the recommended 8 big glasses. I tried really hard. The next weekend we put 2 embyos in and drove the 2 hours back home with me puking all the way back. At the time I thought it was just a crazy sideaffect of it, turns out I had too much fluid in my abdomin. The very next morning I went to the hospital and stayed for 4 days. I will say that driving up to the emergency room and giving them a discription of what was going on was super funny. I was struggling to breathe from the fluid pshing my lungs in and my belly had extended an extra 10 inches in the last month from all of this. I waddle to the wheelchair they extended to me and rolled me in to the admitting desk. They lady asked " How far along are you?" me - " 1 day". Their faces were priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband then explained exactly what my specialist nurse told us to tell them. It was a very intersting 2 weeks to say the least. Turns out we did end up pregnant from that try. We did loose the baby at 5 weeks again. This made 4th miscarriage. We went on to do invitro 3 more times. 1 didn't take and 2 did. The 4th out 5 try, we did things a little different. I have been doing my own research for some time and talking to everyone I know. One of my friends who had lots of miscarriages also (but did have 3 babies)she had MTHFr which caused her to need to take a blood thinner to sustain her pregnancies mentioned she had to ask to get tested for this. So, I thought, I will do that. Got test, I do ahve a form of that. So I was insistent we try a blood thinner for the 4th cycle. Turns out, it did help some. Not enough though. I made it to 7 weeks. Although another miscarriage was heartbreaking, something different occured. This 6th miscarriage was different then all the rest. My numbers doubled and tripled and I had my first sonogram appointment to see the baby. It was the night before the sonogram when we were at a comedy club with friends and I started to bleed. With in the hour I had miscarried and it was brutal. It was the most violent one. I hve discribed it as though I was feeling great and my body found out I was pregnant and was like " get this f*****g traitor out of here!" The doctor sat down with us and said " I'm sorry, I don't know anything else to try." He was really upset because like us nothing added up. This brought on the research since the blood thinner got us a little further and I do not feel there is such thing as unexplained infertility, medically we just haven't caught up with the reason is all. So i have researched the crap out this. I didn't get any new info after almost a year break and we started to turn our talks to a surrogate. But then, someone responded to a post. Reproductive Immunoligist. They had said what i was discribing sounded like an auto immune issue. you see, a few years ago I went to infertility seminar trying to win a few invitro session. A woman there stood up to ask a question about her miscarring condition. I couldn't remember what it was called ( as at the time I didn't see any relavnce to a rare condition she had and me). I do remember hearing a discription like " since you and your husbands genetic makeup is so close, your body will continue to attack the embryo and you will miscarry everytime. You either need a donor egg or sperm to carry your self, or a surrogate to carrying yours. ) I have asked everyone I can think of about her for 2 years and I would have thought I made this up if my mom wasn't also there with me and she does remember it. Well, someone responded to me about what I was going through with seeing a reproductive immunoligist because it sounded to them that my body was attacking the embryo and not just a spontanious abortion. LIGHT BULB!!!!! I found one in Chicago Illinois. Only 3 hours from me. After looking for one, I realized there are not many out there so i felt really lucky!!!!! After filling out a long appliction and waiting 2 months for the appointment. I had it a month ago. 18 vials of blood and 2 hours of sonograming and discussing my fertility issues for a total of 5 hours of testing, I have my results with her tomorrow morning. I think ists safe to say, i am nervous and really excited and scared. I don't want to be told " sorry about your bad luck" while at the same time I want answers so we know where to go from here. Well, tomorrow we get that. Wish me luck!

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