Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Results are in...

Wow, mind blown. I had nearly an hour conversation with my Doc and she just rattled everything off. Four and half years of struggling with carrying a baby comes down to some blood test and here is the results - Anti-nuclear antibodies are elevated and Natural Killer cells pretty high and 3 muted genes causing blood clotting factors. Combine that all with high testosterone and low vitamin D, B6, B12 it means I don't carry a baby without tones of intervention. Basically it all means my immune system is attacking every embryo that tries to survive in my belly. So the treatment is to suppress the immune system. She said you do that with steriods and ivig. Its the IVIg that has me concerned. Its essentially a blood infusion through an iv. And she said you do this 6 times in the first trimester at $3000-$5000 a try. Insurance may or may not cover it so we are working on a pre-authorization for it which will take a few weeks. So more hurry up and waiting, right? lol! The news was expected. I felt this was the issue for a while but you have to find a doctor who believes in to even test for it. My RE does not and is pretty against IVIg since it is a blood product and still isn't officialy proven as giving higher results to patients in his opinion. But as I say, evey bit of medicine wasn't officialy proven in the beginning too. So it still leaves me doing some research and making the best decision for me and my hubby so nothing has been decided. If anything, insurance may be the final say becasue if it doesnt cover it then we for sure are not doing it. $18K is an awful lot of money after we are already soaring in what we have invested thus far. You have to decide when to fold too. So we will see. But in the mean time....4 1/2 years of never knowing and now we do. We have answers. It feels so good to say that. I am relieved, not crushed. On to the next step...waiting! lol

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